There are few, if any, more challenging and disheartening circumstances than families caring for children who have been diagnosed with an illness.  Amidst the confusion of various medical appointments, procedures, and insurance questions, it is understandable that a family might feel overwhelmed attempting to navigate the situation.  The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation journeys alongside families in such a circumstance.  Its stated mission is to bless, celebrate, and love children who are seriously ill, have special needs, or are currently facing a medical crisis.
The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation is based in Bristow, VA and was founded in 2014.  Sara Knight is the founder, and the organization is named for Sara and Jason Knight’s daughter, Julia, who passed away as a result of complications from a rare disease in 2013.  Here is a link to the website for The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation if you would like to learn more –  You can also follow them on Facebook here –
The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation uses the term “Raindancers” for the children in their care.  The term is based this saying attributed to Vivian Greene:  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain.”
Haymarket Baptist Church was thrilled to affirm the work of The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation with financial support earlier this year.
A Facebook post and picture sharing gratitude to Haymarket Baptist Church was posted to their page on Friday, February 11, 2022.  Here is a link to the post –
Thanks be to God for The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation for being the hands and feet of Christ with so many families in the Haymarket-Gainesville-Bristow community.