Who We Are


We are Baptists, a Christian denomination which seeks to build our faith and our church on the basis of what the Bible says.

We are Evangelicals, a group of Christians who emphasize the “good news” of Jesus Christ for all people. Evangelicals are found in many Christian denominations but generally emphasize:

  • Salvation through personal faith in Jesus Christ,
  • The authority of Scripture,
  • The need to grow as disciples (followers) of Jesus,
  • The need to tell others about Jesus.

Who is welcome to worship at Haymarket Baptist Church?

Everyone is welcome to worship with us! We also call everyone to genuinely follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That means all of us, from newcomers to members who have been here 50 years, are called to allow God to change us from within.

There are many types of “Baptists,” so which type is Haymarket Baptist Church?

HBC is affiliated with several groups of Baptists:

Do you allow women to take leadership positions in the church?

Yes! Women currently serve as Deacons as well as chairs of committee and chairs of ministry teams. In recent years we have ordained women as ministers.