Last year 74 members and friends of our church pledged to read at least one book of the Bible in 2019. Many of you pledged to read the entire New Testament and several bold members pledged to read the entire Old Testament or even the entire Bible in 2019. If you are one of those folks who made a pledge, I trust you found that the reading helped you grow spiritually. As I write this column, I am finishing up the last few books of the Bible to complete my pledge for 2019. God guides me as I read his word, and He shows me changes he wants to make in my life and ministry.

As we moved through 2019, God showed me that many of our members (including the Senior Pastor), need to spend more time in prayer during the coming year. For that reason I am changing the pledge cards for 2020, to include four possible commitments in prayer:
• To pray daily
• To pray before every meal
• To thank God each day for his blessings
• To join fellow church members in the Wednesday night prayer meeting

I hope that you will pledge to do one or more of these spiritual disciplines during 2020, and that you will return your pledge card this coming Sunday.

This does not mean we can stop reading our Bibles in 2020. I have also given you four options to pledge regarding Bible reading:
• To read the Gospel of John
• To read the entire New Testament
• To read the entire Old Testament
• To read the entire Bible

I hope we can have 80 members and friends of HBC to make at least one of these pledges and return your pledge cards during the month of January. Please make your first prayer of 2020 a request for God to guide you in making your pledge to him for Bible reading and prayer. Let’s you and I both grow closer to God in this way during the coming year!

In Christ,

Pastor Mark
Haymarket Herald
January 2020