Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Those of you who have to shop, package, and mail gifts probably have. As you are looking for the perfect gift for a special person in your life, please don’t forget about children around the world who daily live in the need of basic necessities.

If you shop, Operation Christmas Child will take care of the delivery for you. The Collection at HBC will begin on Sunday, October 30. Boxes will be available in the Overflow room. Please be sure to take a label for each box and remember to pay the shipping fee online or include it in the box when it is returned. Boxes are due back by Sunday November 20.

SmaraAlong with your gifts, recipients are also taught about the love and sacrifice of Jesus. While that is the most important gift ever given, your presents serve as a tangible representation of that love.  Please, pack a box and pray for these children.

Edith Kennedy