For the last two years, God has been blessing Haymarket Baptist Church with many new folks who have started visiting our worship services. Guests sometimes visit once or twice and then move on, deciding that HBC is not exactly the kind of church they want. But many of our worship guests have become regular attenders. And then in 2023, lots of them have decided to join our church and become members.

We have two requirements for membership:

1. That the person has decided to follow Jesus Christ as Lord, and

2. That they have been or are willing to be baptized by immersion, to symbolize their commitment to Christ.

So far in 2023, we have been blessed to have 21 people decide to join Haymarket Baptist Church. I would like to encourage you to learn all of their names. You can see their photos on the New Member Board just outside the sanctuary.  Make a point of learning their names and then call them by name when you see them on Sunday morning.

Be sure to tell them your name when you say hello. If you discover something in common, you might even want to invite them to lunch after worship!  Your friendly greeting will help these new members begin to feel a part of our church family!

In Christ, Pastor Mark