Associate Minister of Community Outreach, Allan Smith and two HBC deacons attended the Mid Atlantic Cooperative Baptist Association’s annual meeting Saturday where a focus session included moving church from planning to practice.

From the CBF:  Less Planning, More Practicing: Building the future together through shared action.
Many of us remember those old strategic planning binders that helped us do things better. Teams worked for months to make marginal improvements in the hopes of exponential gains. When these 5-year-plans worked, they did so because the lived into a future that greatly resembled the past.
These days, 5-month planning is impossible, let alone 5 years! The only plan with any certainty is something unprecedented is just around the corner. In such an uncertain time, how do we plan if we can’t? We start with practice.

This breakout will quickly review the days of yore and move into some practices that will help us both prepare for and shape our futures in meaningful way. It will close by providing practical exercises, or practices, we all can engage in to make a difference as we navigate an uncertain future.

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