Words are used every day to communicate thoughts and ideas to one another.  However, how often do we make sure that the words we are using mean the same thing to us as they do to our audience?  This is particularly true in churches where so many words and phrases are common language, such as “worship”, “outreach”, or “evangelism”.  When was the last time that you considered what is meant by any of those terms?  Is it possible that the person sitting right next to you on the pew might have a different perspective or understanding of such terms?


During the month of January, the Wednesday Night Bible Study will focus on Bible verses related to such terms while creating space for discussion with one another.  Participants are able to share their own perspectives while also listening to the experiences and ideas of others.  Maybe you will become more assured of your understanding of a Church Buzz Word; maybe you will begin to think of a term differently.  It is always an encouragement to study and pray together on Wednesday evenings.


A fellowship meal is served at 5:30 PM followed by the Prayer Meeting and Bible Study from 6 PM – 7 PM, all in the Fellowship Hall.  The Prayer Meeting and Bible Study is also available in a hybrid format where participants can join in-person or via Zoom.  This study will be led by Allan Smith, Associate Pastor of Community Outreach.