The purpose of Boxes of Basics, a non-profit organization in the Haymarket community, is simple.  They seek to provide clothing to children in need.  Boxes of Basics is connected to social workers at area schools.  When social workers identify a child in need of appropriate seasonal clothing, Boxes of Basics is happy to provide a box of clothing items which are wrapped so that the child can open the box as a gift.  Each box contains 5 school outfits, 3 play outfits, a dress outfit, a jacket, and shoes.  It is an absolutely wonderful ministry in the community.


Here is a link to the website for Boxes of Basics if you would like to learn more –  Sarah Tyndall, a Haymarket resident, is the founder and executive director of Boxes of Basics.


Having received an anonymous gift in recent months, Haymarket Baptist Church offered financial support to Boxes of Basics.  Boxes of Basics was founded in September 2018 and moved to a building in Old Town Manassas in June 2020.  The generosity of HBC will allow Boxes of Basics to take the next step in growing the organization.


A video sharing gratitude to Haymarket Baptist Church was posted to the Boxes of Basics Facebook page on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.  Here is a link to that Facebook post –


Thanks be to God for Boxes of Basics for sharing the grace and love of Christ to the Haymarket community by meeting tangible clothing needs.