Redecorating has begun in the kitchen. Therefore, there will be no access to the kitchen until the end of August. A temporary coffee area will be set up in the “overflow area” for Sunday morning and the Wednesday Night Fellowship meal will be served in this area as well. We will attempt to keep serving the Wednesday Night Fellowship meal as long as possible. It will be a condensed version of the regular meal.

We are very excited to get this project underway and cannot wait for the completion as we look forward to celebrating the “Homecoming” on September 15 with a new kitchen in which to aid in the preparation of the homecoming meal.

We feel very grateful that God has blessed us with the ability to be able to update our kitchen at this time.

In His Service,

If you’ve ever brought a dish to church and left it here, please go look for it in Fellowship Hall. We’re going to have less cabinet space after the renovation and we only want to have to move what is necessary back into the new kitchen.