This spring Haymarket Baptist Church has two search committees looking for ministers and possibly leaders who will help our church more effectively reach people for Christ. The members of each committee are making a lot of contacts as they search for: 1. An Associate Pastor for Children and Outreach, and 2. One or two people to serve as Minister of Music and/or Accompanist.

The committees are already working hard but I want each of you to pray regularly that God will lead us to the men and/or women who He wants to serve at HBC. Seeking the person God wants to serve is the most important task for us all in these good endeavors!

The first Search Committee chaired by Cyndy Coffey has been looking for the Associate Pastor position for a couple of months now. We are seeking someone who will continue the good work Allan Smith did in Outreach but who will also help strengthen and develop our ministry to children and their families. You probably noticed how many children are coming forward each Sunday for a “Jeffrey and Lisa” story and for Children’s Sunday School. Adding a person who has a wonderful gift in working with children and their families will greatly bless all our children and help create a fun and spiritual based ministry for the children in our church and our community. Since several of the children who are now attending are approaching the teen years, this person will hopefully help develop a “Junior Youth Group” in the near future.

The second Search Committee, chaired by Christy Wisor, has the slightly more complicated task of searching for either one or two people to replace our beloved Ken Trammell, who will be leaving us in June to start his own music academy in Montgomery County. We may find one fine accompanist and another excellent Music Minister, OR we may find one man or woman who would like to combine the positions just as Ken has done these last five years. Please pray that God will lead one or two people to us who combine musical talent with sincere Christian discipleship as Ken does!

Of course, the two search committees will eventually present candidates to you in a Business Meeting so that you can vote on each one. But before that day, I would like you to lift many prayers to God for Him to lead us to the right candidates!

In Christ,

Pastor Mark