HBC is continuing to add online opportunities for Bible study.  We currently have two Adult Bible studies that meet online each Sunday Morning.  We also have an online Wednesday night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. We have now added a Men’s Bible Study on Saturday Morning and a Women’s Bible Study on Monday Morning.

We encourage you to participate in these live online meetings while we maintain social distancing.  You can use a computer or mobile device to join us.  If you prefer you can call into the meeting on your home phone.  Just contact the church office for details.

We’ve created a new page on our website to share recordings of these Bible Studies.  If you’re unable to attend please go to:

HBC Online Bible Study

where you can watch a recording of the studies.  This can be accessed from our website:  www.my-hbc.org, tap “WORSHIP” at the top of the page and then tap “OTHER VIDEO”.  This page will be updated weekly as new videos and opportunities become available.

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact the church office or email HBC Support.