To respond to community needs during this time of Coronavirus Pandemic, our Deacons and Church Council are launching three new Church-wide Projects. I encourage every member and regular attendee to contribute to at least one of these projects. Since the projects were only chosen Monday, April 6, all the details are not yet available. We will provide more details as they become available. But I wanted to give you the highlights of these three projects.

First, several of our members have learned that there is a shortage of blood donations because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Red Cross has given assurances that blood donations can be handled safely with numerous precautions against spreading coronavirus so we have applied to host a Red Cross blood drive at Haymarket Baptist Church. More details will be provided as soon as they are available.

Second, many doctors, nurses, medical personnel, and chaplains are greatly fatigued due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are work long hours to take care of large numbers of patients, and despite extensive precautions, they sometimes are infected by the coronavirus. They live with that fear every day and worry that they might unintentionally infect their own families. We would like to offer them a word of encouragement by writing personal notes that we will send to them. I am contacting local hospitals to discover the best way for us to carry out this project and we will let you know the details once I know. Get your notecards and pens ready!

Third, local food banks have taken a big hit as people self-quarantine. The Haymarket Food Pantry on Jefferson Street has closed temporarily to assure the safety of their staff and clients. But many people still need food. As lots of people find their hours reduced or their jobs eliminated, they need food to feed their families. Joannie Duckett is researching the best way for HBC members to help our local food banks and we will provide details as soon as we have the information.

Choose at least one of these ways to help your fellow citizens in the name of Jesus.

In Christ, Pastor Mark