Psalm 100:1 says, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands.” Praise and music go hand in hand to give all of us a way to this scripture. King David in all of his conquest took time to play his Harp and praise God. Even though we all were not given the ability to play a musical instrument or sing we can still praise God and enjoy music of all kinds.

I am one of those who’s gifts did not include musical ability, but I still enjoy praising God through music. I enjoy making a noise through the hymns at a worship service or thinking how beautiful Ken’s magical fingers sound on the organ and piano. I enjoy listening to the choir sing for joy to God and bless all of us along the way. Through this I am able to make a joyful noise and know God is present.

Songs also remind us of people and things we experience in our lives. IN THE GARDEN reminds me of my grandmother, OLD RUGGED CROSS was my daddy’s favorite hymn and SILENT NIGHT, my mother’s. God gave us all of these tools to remember others and praise him for their gifts to our lives.

As spring is upon us and we once again have a new beginning through Jesus’s death and resurrection, take this moment to praise him through song and make the most joyful noise you can with heart, soul and voice.

Dinah Thompson Deacon of the Month